Мапа Егерзунду

Welcome to Norway!

Welcome to Egersund Seafood!

Egersund Group is one of the largest fish companies in Norway. We work since 1921, and the first delivery of fish to Ukraine took place in 1996.

Factories of Egersund located all over Norway which allow us to produce a wide range of products and export it to 35 countries.



Today we are proud to invite you to the first Egersund Seafood brand shop in Ukraine. We opened this shop to bring you fish directly, without any middlemen. We offer you all the fullness and purity of taste of Norwegian fish because Egersund Group controls all the processes from fishing, processing, transportation to sales.



Our long time partners from other countries deliver to us fishing products which we can not catch in our own waters. Seafood not only delights us but also is the most useful nourishment for humans. We wish you health and daily pleasure from eating our fish!